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Martin Johnson Speaker / Author / Founder & CEO of Trans2 Performance

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On this week's podcast we have:

Episode 5 -  Martin Johnson

T2 Performance May 2015  - The People Performance People 

As always we speak People, Process and Technology,  uncovering the man and the team who are Digitally Disrupting the "Leadership & Business Management Training Sector. With the all new T2-Hub  thats arming companies with winning-tools and strategies equiping organisations to thrive .

Martins Back Ground

Gartner for 6 years Sales Leader Senior Account Manager 

Butler Group 4 years Sales Manager Senior Account Manager 

Warfare Branch - Operator Mechanic 4 years. Served in 3 type 42 destroyers over that period served in the Med, Falklands and the Far East in 2003 Martin received an Admirals commendation for his role during the grounding of HMS Nottingham.

Rugby League background played for Ideal and Later Dockers and East Hull  (we need to mention I never ever beat them we you lads drew once) not until I coached an under 8s side Bit of a story there.

Life as a published author of I Am Human 30 mistakes to success which Paul read on a beach in Australia and found transformational.

I am Human lifts the lid on 30 of the most common subconscious mistakes and missed opportunities that we humans fail to correct or take advantage of. 

The books key message, only through self-knowledge can we hope to become the best version of ourselves.


  • Being Conscious
  • Becoming More Productive
  • Learning Influence 

We unpick Martins excellent talk on Social Excellence & Why values matter  with the key message on this talk is that we need to get out of the middle ground. 

We dig deep with our Pig Wrestling Ten Commandments, with Martin speaking real & raw.


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