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Episode 8 - Paul Spence - P.A.U.L for Brain Recovery and Brain Works

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On this week's podcast we have:

Episode 8 - Paul Spence - P.A.U.L for Brain Recovery and Brain Works

Talking about life after brain injury, the lessons he learnt and how he's turned adversity on its head despite lasting damage.

Paul is a big family man, Engaged to be married next year to Gemma, Father to Shannon & Reece. He has a Granddaughter Evie who he loves to spend time with.

Paul was an Electrical Engineer until he sustained a terrible brain injury by one punch in 2012. He was left with a life-changing injury, he couldn't see his past and was an unemotional robot.

After seeing the level of aftercare in the area, he set his mind on launching a service to help and support other Brain injury victims. Paul founded Paul for Brain Recovery in 2016. He now works close with the NHS.

Paul went on to created Brain works bars which focused on health. Brain works bars are designed with a powerful mix of products scientifically proven to aid Brain Development, and recovery reduces the trauma caused by illness and everyday stress and fights off the ageing brain cells.

Pauls has done masses of inspiring fundraising events all over the world from Marathons, Iron man UK and climbing Kilimanjaro in June 2018.

We dig deep with our Pig Wrestling Ten Commandments, with Paul Spence being real & raw on this week's show thank you Paul for sharing your story.

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